Mia Rusthen

I am Mia Rusthen, a 21 y/o girl from Norway. 
I used to dream of becoming a ballerina, 
until I fell in love with roadracing. 
Now my dream is to make it to the world class in roadracing! 

From ballet to roadracing
These two sports have surprisingly much in common:

  • Coordination skills are very important 
  • The balance must be 100% under control
  • Endless training on the important details
  • Courage and strength to challenge yourself

The experience from ballet has given me many advantages on the racing track and the nickname Mia Ballerina

Coordination & balance

When dancing you need to work continuously to gain control over all body movements, and this I have taken with me while handling the motorcycle

Gracefulness & strength

Ten years of ballet has given me solid physical strength, endurance and agility which in turn has resulted in me developing a soft riding style

Focus on details

It's all in the details! Both in ballet and roadracing progress depends on constant focus and the ability to recognize and work with the smallest of things. 

My roadracing adventure so far

After a slightly cautious start in 2016, it has been quite a journey so far.  
2017 was the first full season, and since then there has been a true adventure for me, both in Norway and abroad. Many opportunities have emerged, and now the world is waiting.  

Mia Ballerina in Norway

Winner of A2 Standard-cup overall in the Norwegian Championship
Female performer of the year in Borg MC-club

3rd place overall in Junior Supersport 300 in the Norwegian Championship on my Yamaha R3, behind two boys with bigger and stronger motorcycles. 

2nd and 3rd place in Supersport 300 in the Norwegian Championship 
2nd place in the finale after two months damage interruption
Unofficial track records in my class

The Norwegian Championship was cancelled due to Covid-19 pandemic 
6 sprint races and 6 2nd places in Solør Extreme Cup
Unofficial track record in my class at Rudskogen racing track

2nd place overall in Supersport 300 in the Norwegian Championship 

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Mia Ballerina in the world

My international career in roadracing continues 


Finally, an official European Championship in roadracing will saw the day of light for women, and I am so very proud and excited to participate in this historic event. I was a part of the extremely successful and professional Team Trasimeno. Together we showed the World that motorsports and girl power are a perfect match by creating magical moments and thrilling racing. Best result: P6. Overall ranking: P10 


Red Bull MotoGP Rookies Selection Cup.
I was one of two girls of 113 participants invited to the selection cup. I competed against the fastest and most talented youngsters in roadracing in the world. It was a blast and an incredible experience! 

ITALIKA Women's International Cup - 5th place in the finale
This is a fantastic initiative by Italika Racing to promote girls in motorsport. I represented Norway and of few girls from Europe. I am very proud of being part of this historic event. Our coach was no other than Chicho Lorenzo, father of the famous MotoGP-champion Jorge Lorenzo.

Selected to Yamaha's official Yamaha bLU cRU R3 Challenge Team 
This is a unique team designed to nurture and develop the best young talents from around the world. First the main target is providing the riders a professional team structure into the IDM Supersport 300 Championship, with the aim of training the riders into the World Supersport300. 

Unfortunately, the Covid 19-pandemic put an abrupt stop to the 2020-season, and stopped me from participating in this very amputated season. 

Yamaha Racing R3 bLU cRU Academy Team

My first full season in the IDM Supersport 300 Championship and proud member of the "Yamaha Racing Family" and the Yamaha Racing R3 bLU cRU Benelux team. 

I am extremely humble and proud being the only Norwegian AND the only girl in this team which offers the best guidance for young riders. 

IDM Supersport 300 Championship in Europe

Proudly representing Yamaha Motor Scandinavia who supported me and my new team in my second season in IDM Supersport 300 Championship in Europe. And I finally took my first points!   


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